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"I have been having reiki treatment from Wendy for a number of months after suffering from stess. The treatment I receive from Wendy has helped me immensely, the environment is extremely comfortable and relaxing. I have also received aromatherapy massage recently from Wendy which is equally as impressive as reiki treatment. Overall Wendy offers a professional and enjoyable experience, Wendy instantly puts me at ease and I would highly recommend Her treatments. Thank you Wendy!!"

- Angela, Springhead, Oldham

“Wendy is a warm and friendly practitioner and one who is very flexible. The option for Wendy to come to my house appealed to me as a single mum. She is responsive to my needs and changes her technique where appropriate. I always felt the stress had melted away following any session.”

- Claire, Delph, Saddleworth

"I have visited Wendy several times for reiki, usually when I feel stressed. I am still amazed how it works, I can only say I come away with the most chilled out feeling. I feel totally relaxed I would definitely recommend it if only for the wonderfully feeling you walk away with."

- Elaine, Denshaw, Saddleworth

I was feeling highly stressed and when Wendy suggested reiki I admit I was sceptical. My first treatment was very rel...axing and Wendy was very professional. Throughout the treatment I could feel heat around my head which I thought was from Wendy's hands but she showed me later that they were cool. Immediately after the treatment my head felt much clearer and overall I felt calmer and more relaxed. After each session I noticed a feeling of well being which lasted for a number of days and therefore I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy. 

-Christine, Delph, Oldham

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