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Reiki is Japanese for “universal life energy” and also describes a “hands on” natural healing system. It’s a simple, relaxing therapy that helps to reduce stress and anxiety by releasing blocked energy.

As a Reiki master practitioner, I’m able to channel positive energy into your body by means of touch. Remaining fully clothed you’ll relax on a massage table or bed whilst I gently rest my hands in a sequence of positions, each one being held for a couple of minutes.​

A Reiki treatment feels like a wonderful warming radiance is flowing through and around you. Your body will relax and your natural healing process will kick in, helping to restore physical and emotional wellbeing.​

I started on my spiritual journey over 11 years ago when I first experienced Reiki myself, It helped me heal the stresses of life, allowing me to focus on what was important and leaving me with a sense of balance. I can only describe this as being one of the best things that came into my life. This led me to learn the arts myself in order to help others experience the positive benefits from Reiki and I have been a Reiki Master Practitioner for over 10 years. Whilst Reiki can be enjoyed by anyone in the course of their day to day life, I particularly enjoy using it alongside other conventional or complementary treatments to provide support during illness and recovery.

Over the last 11 years, alongside my business, I’ve regularly helped raise money for various charities, also attending specialist training in cancer care to make sure I’m adhering to guidelines, protocols and best practice. My aim, through Reiki, is to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and help patients and carers cope better with their cancer and treatment. Many healthcare professionals accept Reiki as a useful complementary therapy that may help to lower stress, promote relaxation and help to improve quality of life.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Helps lower blood pressure

Improve power of Healing

Balances energy & Chakras

Relives pain & discomfort

enables to sleep better

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